Class Event

Direct Known Subclasses:
AsyncEvent, ClientConnectEvent, LoginCancelledEvent, PermissionCheckEvent, PlayerChangePositionEvent, PlayerDisconnectEvent, PlayerHandshakeEvent, PluginDisabledEvent, PluginEnabledEvent, PostLoginEvent, ProxyExceptionEvent, ProxyQueryEvent, ProxyReloadEvent, ServerConnectedEvent, ServerConnectEvent, ServerDisconnectEvent, ServerKickEvent, ServerSwitchEvent, ServiceRegisteredEvent, ServiceUnregisteredEvent, SettingsChangedEvent, TargetedEvent

public abstract class Event extends Object
Dummy class which all callable events must extend.
  • Constructor Details

    • Event

      public Event()
  • Method Details

    • postCall

      public void postCall()
      Method called after this event has been dispatched to all handlers.
    • callEvent

      public final boolean callEvent()
      Calls the event and tests if cancelled.
      false if event was cancelled, if cancellable. otherwise true.