Interface PendingConnection

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public interface PendingConnection extends Connection
Represents a user attempting to log into the proxy.
  • Method Details

    • getName

      String getName()
      Get the requested username.
      the requested username, or null if not set
    • getVersion

      int getVersion()
      Get the numerical client version of the player attempting to log in.
      the protocol version of the remote client
    • getVirtualHost

      InetSocketAddress getVirtualHost()
      Get the requested virtual host that the client tried to connect to.
      request virtual host or null if invalid / not specified.
    • getListener

      ListenerInfo getListener()
      Get the listener that accepted this connection.
      the accepting listener
    • getUUID

      @Deprecated String getUUID()
      In favour of getUniqueId()
      Get this connection's UUID, if set.
      the UUID
    • getUniqueId

      UUID getUniqueId()
      Get this connection's UUID, if set.
      the UUID
    • setUniqueId

      void setUniqueId(UUID uuid)
      Set the connection's uuid
      uuid - connection UUID
    • isOnlineMode

      boolean isOnlineMode()
      Get this connection's online mode.
      See setOnlineMode(boolean) for a description of how this option works.
      the online mode
    • setOnlineMode

      void setOnlineMode(boolean onlineMode)
      Set this connection's online mode.
      May be called only during the PlayerHandshakeEvent to set the online mode configuration setting for this connection only (i.e. whether or not the client will be treated as if it is connecting to an online mode server).
      onlineMode - status
    • isLegacy

      boolean isLegacy()
      Check if the client is using the older unsupported Minecraft protocol used by Minecraft clients older than 1.7.
      Whether the client is using a legacy client.
    • getSkin

      Skin getSkin()
      Returns the Skin of this connection. May be null. The nullability may depend on which time you're trying to access it.
      skin of the connection
    • setSkin

      void setSkin(Skin skin)
      Sets a new Skin for this connection. The set skin will only apply if it's being set in ServerConnectEvent or events which fire BEFORE ServerConnectEvent. Otherwise, setting the skin won't take effect immediately, rather it may take effect when the connection switches servers.
      WARNING: This only sets the skin of this connection only in this IvanCord instance. Does not globally modify the skin of the account, neither it can set it on other servers running IvanCord.
      skin - the skin to set.